Why should Nembutal be legalized

Why should Nembutal be legalized

 Why should Nembutal be legalized ?

The decision to choose one’s own death should be their choice and not that of a medical practitioner. The practice of medicine should be, governed by this principle. However for those who want to choose, death offers release and hope, not harm. This brings us to the debate ; Why Nembutal should be legalized ?

Everybody dies at some point. No-one is immortal.  The policy to extend life under the most grueling and unlivable circumstances possible such as in terminal cancer cases can be blamed more on Big Pharma lobbyists than on the government’s perceived “responsibility” for the well being of the population. A terminal cancer patient is made to suffer a long, protracted agonizing death and their families are made to watch them suffer while borrowing thousands of dollars for drugs and medical treatments. Look at who profits through all of that misery: Big Pharma. Their lobbyists do not want governments to allow their people to have the free will to decide their fate – that would significantly affect their profit margins.

Exit the leading end of life advocacy information community has been fighting for voluntary euthanasia and Nembutal to be legalized and made available to terminally ill patients and the elderly.

Why is it difficult for Nembutal to be made available to the public ?

Most suicides in the world today are mostly committed by the young and mentally unstable and the government believes making this drug public to the society might lead to a high suicide rate.
It is sad when young people or otherwise healthy people make such a decision but it has nothing to do with whether Nembutal is available legally or otherwise. There are many different ways to “off oneself”. So the argument here isn’t whether internet sales should be stopped – its simply another excuse to cut off a workaround to those who want to exercise this particular free will. Distressed people such as the young, the homeless, the bullied and humiliated, and others who feel that nothing will ever get better for them – should have more opportunities to receive help without the negative stigma that is attached to admitting they can’t cope. For those looking buy Nembutal, you can only get it online from private vendors as no doctor will give you a prescription. You can buy Nembutal online by filling WTH order form. He gets Nembutal from Mexico and sells it online to those who are too sick to travel.

We belief a person of sound mind who is terminally ill and in great pain should be given the choice to end it all if he wants. Instead of letting them suffer and pay high fees on drugs that will not improve their quality of life.

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