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6”2 ft male, 60kg (skinny does equal lightweight in this case), 23 years old.

Experienced with nearly every drug that’s been on the scene over the last decade. Apart from Heroin, crack and meth out of choice/ necessity. Psychedelics/dissoactive ranging from the 2c’s, Acid, Shrooms, Ketamine, DMT, Salvia and random other R.C’s
Stims ranging from MDMA, various cathiones (how I miss you 4 -fluro-methly-methacathione sp??-SUB COCA! ) to the newer ones that are readily available now.
And my favourite… downers, opium tea or any other opiate and a multitude of benzo’s so I have a fair grasp on how stuff supposed to feel….pretty darn good.

The Compound

So here is Ethylphenidate / Ethylcaine – the compound created in your body when you mix Ritalin and alcohol, to my knowledge this compound hasn’t been able to be synthesised in high enough yields to seriously manufacture until recently. I have 2 grams in my possession to test, now I have scoured the net for info on this but its scarce and far between and in my opinion unreliable due purity issues. So with no dosage suggestions I’m starting very low, safety first and all that and hopefully the net will finally have some concrete info on this interesting substance thanks too…. MOI!

For this first experiment I will be taking all my doses nasally for a number of reasons, mainly because I have a pretty sensitive stomach which acts up when I bomb anything, it also comes on faster so I can reconfigure my doses more efficiently and lastly because its my favourite way and it looks cool so STFU

Please remember this took me the majority of my evening and night to do..SO thankyou’s are accepted in the form of nude pictures of your ex/girlfriends OR yourself if you are one of those rare hot researcher girls, the unicorns of the drug community…a 10 second flash is very little work when you think what I’ve done for all you lovely people this night ;d


17:00 – 15mg – 5 minutes in and I’m already slightly stimulated, burns a reasonable amount considering the small amount of powder but nothing outrageous, taste isn’t bad either standard chemically but with a sweet edge I’ve not found with anything before, apart from speed mixed with sugar but that doesn’t really count…

17:30 – 15mg – more stimulated, enough to motivate you to get your housework done, minor jaw tension, sweaty palms, mood increase noticed but not pronounced,

18:00 seems to have peaked, still only slightly stimulated but do appear to be in a better mood, time to increase the dose

18:10 –50mg – more talkative and a more pronounced euphoria starting, unlike with most substances I’ve yet to have any kind of uncomfortable come up, it feels very smooth totally lacking some of the usual side effects of feeling cold, nausea and no body load to speak of yet at all

18:40 – Energetic, not to the point where I’m uncomfortable or twitchy, but I do have to be doing an activity or I become quickly bored, this report is working as a great outlet, euphoria is becoming more pronounced and I’m chatty but I do keep forgetting what the girlfriend keeps telling me to do, not sure if its the drug itself or just how engrossed I am in my own activities. Probably both.

Heartbeat is nothing to complain about and still feels like an extremely clean high, also no huge desires to re-dose. More-ish level is low even with the temptation to see exactly where this substance can take me. Feeling good.. Some winning is definitely taking place. No sign of any effects wearing off yet

1930 – 50mg – Every time I do a line it brings tears to that eye, not the worst pain but every time without fail the tears come a flowing, still no toxic feelings as of yet or negative to speak of as of yet. Same effects as before just heightened, really sweaty hands now. Looks like the early doses were far to small to get any real effects from it. Going to wait until I fully feel comfortable on this dose then increase the dose to 75mg-100mg. To be, or not to be X-core..always the question.

19:45 – noticed a slight brightening of colours and a very slight shifting of objects, not in a true tripping way but is definitely an added little surprise, who doesn’t like colour right?…Colours rule!

20:00 – A mild neck ache I associate when I usually take stims has appeared, usually I don’t notice until the end of the night though. But for the first thing I’ve had to criticise we’re not doing to bad kids are we? Urge to do stuff is slowly subsiding compared to earlier

20:10 – Starting to feel a little stomach uncomfort, most likely down to minimal food I’ve had today…or it’s wind 😛 I’m going to vote its both as I just tooted to prove it. (Sweet rhythm right?)
Also my right testicle aches, I think I just sat on it for 10 mins and didn’t realise but just in case, its worth a mention. BEWARE OF BALL ACHE.

20:30 – 75mg – I plan for this to be my last night of the night, which everyone knows rarely happens so here’s the test of the moreish-ness. Initial burn has decreased now my nose is getting caked in this shit. Definite jaw tension, energy’s back but less euphoria than with the first 50mg dose, still there though but urge to socialise is also diminishing. All negative aspects are gone now though and still feeling good. Girlfriend just tried 50mg after seeing my fun times, hit her almost instantly too and so fun has a thumbs up from her too.

21:00 – 30 minutes of the GF talking continuously…. actually non stop. I don’t think she’s noticed XD

She seems to be a fan too She had some MDAI earlier though so maybe that’s a possible combo?
I’m still riding the last line nicely, almost no urge to re-dose. I’d like some more but I can say no, which is so rare for me as I’m the definition of a fiend… NOM NOM NOM

21:20 – Still no sign of her quietening down, and she’s just asked for 50mg more, she says it reminds her of drone, which is a mighty big claim to make for a lot of people. I see the similarities and as drone was my drug of choice for years I can spot the difference’s. The instant euphoria doesn’t match up, and you keep a very clear head, instead of going completely sketchy. LET ME STRESS THIS IS NOT A MEPH SUBSTITUTE, I could stay up days in a row railing that shit every 10 minutes. I imagine trying the same with this could really mess with your…well everything
The stimulation lingers and will just get worse when your chasing the high, I’ve noticed we’re both a little shakey already but heart rate when resting hasn’t increased above 110bpm the entire time

22:15 – She talks me in to another 50mg line each, I could have left it but since she’s only had a little I decide to indulge, burn sucks still…seems like the perfect amount to bring you back up once your up.

22:40 – still at the same level, a bit of a bubbly tummy and gas. Both of us agree makes you pretty horny. 100Mg taken over the course of the next 2 hours

00:32 – Still stimulated and horny, energy is still there but euphoria almost totally gone as well as urge to socialise, feeling a bit sick,so is the GF. I might actually hurl if I do any more but probably due to lack of food today, will try to eat and see if it helps.

Ethylcaine Canada

00:40 – A banana helped out with the nausea, feeling better already, just had nothing in my belly except chemicals. NICE.. Eating is surprising easy for a stim, I usually cant eat a thing but this its possible which is handy. Not a pleasant experience but possible.. especially remarkable since I have a minor cannabis addiction and ran out today for the first time in months, which would render me with no appetite anyway. Mentioning cannabis I usually smoke about an 1/8th per binge and if I dont I get really anxious and an uncomfortable body load, but with this I haven’t even thought about cannabis… much 😛

01:10 – 50 mg more taken, was just left with being awake, Does remind me of drone now i’ve got to this stage.

The report becomes a bit blurry now we both had around another 200mg+ each in total, me and the GF got caught up in the horniness for the last 5 hours and ended up crashing after. I managed to only sleep 2 very uncomfortable hours even with the aid of opiates and benzo’s, not huge doses but should have done the job. She seems to be sleeping fine though.


The onset of this stuff is quick, for me at least but I am always the first in the group to feel anything, very little negative things to say about this. I would say its my favourite legal stim on the market currently beating MDAI/MDEA, 6APB not only with more positive effects but a hell of a lot less negative ones until you get towards the end, but what can you expect after a 10 hour session. The only thing I would say that comes close is Jolly Green Granules but feels a whole lot less toxic. For use as a rave drug to dance night all night on your going to need too add something else to make a combo or increase the dose, just be careful. This is so new that possible interactions are yet unknown and higher doses might result in undesirable/dangerous effects. ITake it slow, you can always take more but never less. However for a house party or chilling with friends, seems perfect.

It does have a few negative aspects though, the high is really good, clean, energetic and happy but after an hour after dosing the high has subsided quite a bit but the stimulation still remains like all these new RC’S. Re-dosing does fix the problem but there will be a point where you just wont be able to get back to where you were, and all your doing is getting more and more dangerously stimulated, that’s the time to put it down and either go to sleep or switch to the next poison.

I cant think of a better legal stim on the market at the moment. I definitely recommend this… but slightly grudgingly as the more of you who buy this, the less there is in this world for me. It’s a winner guys. Super serial.

Side Note + Goodbye (FUCK ME! It was a long read right?)

I only know one reputable guy selling this at the moment, so be careful who you buy from, if its too good to be true it usually is. And if anyone thinks I work for any of the sites and I’m advertising this, look at my wit, spelling (hopefully, or now I’ll look like a fool) and attention to detail that nearly all of these shoddy sites seem incapable of.

I am Dark Prinz/Failure Star, thanks for reading. (Not proof read sober, my bad)


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