Legit Vendor of A-pvp and 5-MAPB

Legit Vendor of A-pvp

Just thought I’d share some notes on Worth The High, as we’ve made 2 purchases from them. The first order I can’t comment on yet as it’s still sitting in NYC. The second order, placed (I think) a week later, got here in like 5 days. The order was for 10g of a-PVP and a paid sample of 5-MAPB.

WITHIN USA TEXT: (339) 674-0785

INTERNATIONAL ORDER E-MAIL: sales@worththehigh.com

First, the packaging of the compounds themselves were totally professional and absolutely secure. There was no way anything was spilling or coming loose. 10/10

Second, the purity of the a-PVP is something like 98% give or take based on a GC/MS that they sent my testing partner. Nice job, as that takes a cost away from verifying it. Honestly, there was no mistaking it – it smells of semen/vinegar, very distinct. It came as a fine crystalline powder that is very sticky and clumpy. The 5-MAPB came as a like tan/off-white powder, characteristic of 5-MAPB. My partner sent off a sample to Energy Control and we’re doing reagent tests tonite. Overall, quality gets a 10/10.

Customer support is top-notch, as my partner has had him answering so many e-mails that the poor guy probably didn’t have the heart to tell him to fuck off and leave him alone lol. I feel bad for him, but he seems to have dealt well with my partner, who can be a bit OCD when dealing with new chemical companies. 10/10 for support.

Overall, they’re a great vendor who I hope stays on the scene for a long time to come. Nice job Worth the High. Now where the fuck is my 5-MeO-MiPT? Sitting in fucking NYC of course. I’ll review that once it gets delivered.

Customer review sent to Worth the high.

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WITHIN USA TEXT: (339) 674-0785

INTERNATIONAL ORDER E-MAIL: sales@worththehigh.com



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